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love and understanding: the value of a personality model

We talk everywhere about the importance of love! We even say God is love!

But what does love mean in the human world? Is it this act that brings a soul to earth? Is it the sexual desire that a man or a woman feels for another person? Is it a feeling of deep attachment between two beings that pushes them to make efforts, sharing, sacrifices for the well being of the other? Or is it a will to understand the other that pushes the human being to discover how he and the others function physically and psychologically in order to build a model of collective interaction, of society where each one feels good and can manifest his full potential, in harmony with others and nature?


Love is surely all these manifestations but above all the most subtle forms, which transcend instincts and want to agree with a larger reality, more human, that is to say useful for all.


This is the purpose of this personality model, a model that is there to help us grasp the human dynamics that are within us and how to collaborate with them rather than suffer the consequences.


As we say in astrology, the stars tilt but do not determine. The same goes for our personality model. It translates energies, tendencies which are in us and push us in a direction but we always remain master of the situation if we decide to tame these forces and to direct them for our good and that of the others. We will not succeed at the start, it is understood, but with time and perseverance and especially mutual aid and humility we will achieve this interior and exterior harmony alone guaranteeing the happiness that we all seek.

l'amour et la compréhension, relié à l'atelier 1 sur la Sphère Unitaire d'Identité, un modèle de per: Service
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