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Power of the feminine! It will save the world

During a meeting with friends, we tackled an exciting theme, the power of the feminine. Often when we talk about the feminine, we mean the women, while by reflecting we know that each human being carries within him a masculine and feminine aspect, that is to say different and complementary qualities in the same way as we have two hemi-brains which have different roles and which work together for the harmonious functioning of the body.


This means that when we talk about the feminine, we should consciously have in mind specific attitudes, behaviors, intentions: love, reconciliation, benevolence, gratitude, care, listening, tenderness, openness, welcome, humility, sacrifice . It is obvious that these qualities are found in both men and women, but it seems to be demonstrated and expressed with more power, courage and beauty in women in general.


Generality has the value of talking about collective trends but excludes individual experience. It is the work with the archetypes which emphasizes the principles but does not look at the individual specificity of their incarnation. There is a value and a limit to everything!


There is much talk today about the suffering of women and the abuses they have suffered for centuries on a daily basis. It is really time that we have the courage to talk about this! At the same time, could we not also talk about the way in which feminine qualities are put aside in our interactions, in our daily life, in our organizations, in our very ideas. And there we can all feel concerned, both men and women and whatever our external conditions because from this point of view there, everyone suffers.


Imagine a collective and social life where listening, respect and kindness would be the basis of the exchanges, not an additional element which softens, no, at the base. This would be a start-up criterion, the creation of an atmosphere, a common ethic which would be a clear frame of reference allowing the group to gently, firmly and without judgment accompany a person who leaves this framework. Because it happens to all of us, and that's normal. What is no longer is when everyone lets go of this behavior which does not support the general mood. And then beings no longer feel safe, they no longer express what they feel, their creativity hides or dies out and we all lose it.


Let these values ​​become again considered, loved and self put in the first place so that we can create an atmosphere that gives the conditions to solve all the problems!

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