The motto of the institute: truth is beautiful!!

Systemic science is the science of the hologram, the fractal, the link between the part and the whole, between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is the awareness that the part and the whole mean the same thing, like the drop and the ocean!


This science carries love, that is to say, carries the understanding of the value of each one whether he is aware of it or not! It leads to defining the human being within nature as an element in its own right which has a unique role to play like all the elements of which nature is made up. The human being, in his feminine aspect is aware of his belonging to the whole and in his masculine aspect, he is aware of his unique role to play, asserting his precious leadership, his own value.


To allow the emergence of these two male and female parts of the human being, one thing is necessary, a favorable environment, as in nature for the growth of a seed.


This one is built thanks to the establishment of rules. They are ideally objective and clear, transmissible and discernable by the group, as clearly as the rule of silence is easy to understand and monitor in children.


These personal and collective rules organize the forces of consciousness. They bring a feeling of security and play, offers a framework which allows creativity. Without rules, without criteria, without objectivity, how to differentiate the creativity useful for the whole expression essential for oneself?


Let us take an example of a rule, that of the talking stick in circle meetings. An important rule is that whoever speaks is not interrupted, that no one reacts to these remarks, preventing a mental ping pong from being triggered.


All the participants then feel a freedom, a space, a welcome, a benevolence that allow them to share, to express a reality of experience. It is a space of non-judgment where the heart of the experience is in the container and not in the content.


Participants create an environment in which a personal process with witnesses can take place. The power of this space is based on the power of the benevolent testimony of the group. It values ​​any form of experience and facilitates the process of retreating from an experience. A scenario is created between the one who speaks and those who listen and the magic works because the one who speaks also has in him a bet which listens with benevolence and it is precisely this part there that the group awakens and shimmers in him. This mirror effect also occurs for the group and supports confidence in the access to spaces of vulnerability in each of the members who listen. It is the role of the one who talks about shimmering in each of those who listen to this vulnerable, injured part which deserves to be listened to, welcomed, loved because it is part of everyone.


Of course, this perspective on this process will only be understandable, will not make sense, if we have already lived the experience of an exchange in a circle and stick of speech with a competent facilitator and that we have been able to become aware of the difference between this mode and others. Experience and then awareness of experience are therefore absolutely necessary for an understanding to be impossible. This understanding will never be complete and will have to be improved gradually. Here we find the principle of scientific evolution which underlines the value of humility in our propensity to believe that we have "find the truth". Inwardly perhaps, why not, but the external reality is something else ...! This truth in external reality necessarily implies harmony between all the elements and therefore in particular here between humans, which is far from being the case.


We can see here the wish of Jesus and of all spiritual masters that the kingdom of God, which means peace and harmony between men and between the kingdoms of nature, come to earth, to say in the external reality, objective as it is already realized in the Sky, ie in the heart of the men and the women who were able to join this world inside themselves.


The power of the circle offers an absence of confrontation, it symbolizes the welcome, the feminine.


If we now take another space which would aim to develop something other than well-being, than healing, than communion, than love and kindness for each other but rather a space of research capable of resolving hitherto insoluble problems, other rules should be created which would support this objective.


Other values ​​should be welcomed, such as the confrontation of ideas with emotion, competitiveness as in nature, with a better and a less good, a winner and a loser. A concept, an idea, a fairer formula than the others.




This would require favorable conditions of confrontation, that is to say with people who already have a certain affinity in order to reduce the shocks and a reduced number of participants in the group to give everyone their space for speech and integration. A delegate would then be elected, having the good qualities to represent the discoveries of the group and would join another group of delegates themselves chosen. The link between the delegate and the initial group would of course be maintained in order to maintain communication and strength of representation. Allowing those who are not representatives to continue to work and feed the group and the group representative.


This working system also does not exclude transversal exchanges between the different groups but supports a vertical communication process, where the representatives are chosen as the best bearers of the group idea and therefore as offering the most creative interaction with the other representatives chosen. This model therefore involves a better representative, a more vibrating wearer, a more embodied example of the idea to defend exactly as in sport.



The power of confrontation and aggressiveness in the service of creativity and innovation is typically masculine.


What would be the rule of this space, an expression of male benevolence?


This could be a criterion to qualify the success or not of the objective in terms of beauty: The truth is beautiful, the truth unifies, it does not divide. It is a point of view that allows us to have a unifying perspective of the whole, hence its objectivity felt by the whole.


It could constitute one of the important rules for a healthy mental confrontation, a magic criterion combining intelligence, inspiration and the intuitive impulse of realization.


When we say the truth is beautiful, we define the truth as an ideal to be attained that we will not reach but which will help us know if we are going in the right direction! The whole challenge is to accept to take more time to build this more beautiful truth and to include other points of view, which significantly increases the work.


Ex: we deeply feel that an expressed point of view is not right and in the name of this inner feeling we are ready to destroy everything even if there are surely good and useful elements. It is the principle of sacred value of which we are the guardians. This responsibility gives us an internal right to do everything, even at the risk of our life to preserve it.


Now, if we create a space, which is no longer a systemic healing space but a conceptual construction, then we must assume that a precious element is found in each of us and requires to be identified collectively to contribute to all.


Hence the need to ask for forgiveness, but here from a new perspective! We apologize for not having been able to discover this precious element still present in beings, which would have prevented the appearance of the problem or the confrontation. A problem calls for a solution, a problem emphasizes that a solution is emerging from nonexistence in consciousness. It announces an awareness, an evolution, a liberation!


This is the systemic look of tension, of a problem, of suffering; a necessary passage to the inner transformation which does not exist by itself, which is created by our personal and / or collective subconscious for the growth of being or beings.


It’s the pain of the teeth growing. Popular wisdom tells us to take our evil in patience but it does not necessarily teach us to change our look, our relationship by the mind, that is to say by the symbolism and analogy.

This is the Ho’oponopono concept of "I am connected to this problem even if apparently not at all. So I must be sorry, ask for forgiveness, love this life-giving opportunity and thank in advance the gifts it contains.

This link with any problem is explained by the fractal reality of matter. Everything is in everything.

The next question is in the pace of work and the key is joy. When I am in joy, different from pleasure, then I am in my connection and everything is good. When I am in pain, pain, misunderstanding, I am at work on my wounds, my belief system, my representation of the world and this is necessary too. We need both phases to move forward and life naturally guides us in this evolution.

Let us therefore trust deeply in life and seek joy, by understanding the systemic as a perspective that brings us closer to the living, to nature, to reality.

The truth is one, everyone will express it in his own way, with his personal tools, his unique voice but the feeling of truth is general and universal to him.

Now the question is, what does humanity need most today? The subject is therefore not about feeling the truth but about building a truth which is not only just for us, which could give a kind of fanaticism but just for the whole, which requires collective work. and which invites everyone's participation.

It is to believe that the truth, truly truthful, requires that all the members concerned be fully united and above all mutually aware of the value of each in the construction of this group truth. We could give the image that the color white can only appear in the collective consciousness if all the colors have been identified. If a color is missing, white cannot appear in consciousness. This step therefore implies a level of awareness and maturity, willingness to participate and identification of the role of each one which requires a real individual journey. Hence the time for this critical threshold to be reached and for the collective paradigm shift to take place, which is presented in the bible by the 144,000 righteous.



The acquisition of a personal work capacity of internal transmutation is compulsory as well as the development of one's personal spiritual connection which is linked to one's personality model and therefore to a preferential framework and appropriate practices.

When this first stage is initiated, we are ready to touch on the group dynamic which multidimensionalizes this personal placement in a collective framework! It is therefore learning the value of each to touch this emergence of the group. It is the effort to get out of one's system, from one's comfort zone in the name of collective construction, from the recognition of the value of synergy for the emergence of higher reality.

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