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The principle of giving is a fundamental principle for human beings. It is the principle of investment, transmission, continuity. It is a way to nurture the values ​​that are important to us in others, allowing them to be passed on.

To understand this principle, let's describe the two models of exchange. Exchange can be seen horizontally and vertically. The latter is a model of exchange where a person who has more of something gives to a person who has less of that thing. Those two, feel naturally connected by sensitivity and common interest. It's the bond that exists between mother and child, it's love! The one giving is happy to give what he has and feel love. The one receiving is happy to receive what he needs and feel gratitude. The horizontal model of exchange manifests where a person exchanges something of the same value with another. It creates a sense of rightness and develops our ability to assess value which is wisdom.

One form of contribution, money, is usually not properly understood. What is money? It is in fact a material representation of the work we do to contribute to the society to which we belong. It is the way society expresses its appreciation for our contribution, allows us to continue doing so, providing us with the necessities of subsistence, the conditions to feel happy and creative and the educational means to develop holistically.


Money is therefore an equivalent of our working energies. Where do we have the most work energy? Where our passion is, defines where we have the most energy. This is where we are the richest and where we can offer this energy without fear because we have it in abundance.


What follows from this perspective is that it is advantageous to give what we have in abundance rather than to give what we don't have much. As money is only a condensed form of work, which should mean what we love doing, we should not reduce contribution to it and rather build various forms of exchanges which would respect our energies, the forces which we have in abundance. Of course money is part of it, but it would be dangerous to believe in its omnipotence.

May each of us find the energy that we carry in abundance and find ways to offer it in areas or projects making our heart and soul vibrate!

Here below, you can contribute financially by making a gift to the Institute.


With Gratitude


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