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This personal development school represents the culmination of a personal journey. He started in spiritual research since my adolescence. Then, I felt the call for therapeutic work and I became an osteopath.


During my training, I discovered psychosomatics with the work of Dr Hamer and Claude Sabbah. This discovery changed my vision of care and therapeutic support. I then did a NLP coaching training and I was able to support individuals and organizations.

Then I went to live in a spiritual community for 10 years. There, I was able to learn to put into practice what I had acquired and to measure the real level of integration that I had of all these spiritual principles which animated me. I came into contact with my dreams, with my aspirations but also with my limits, with my illusions, with my shadow.


In this context of intense learning, the need to create spaces for team research was confirmed, in order to overcome everyday human tensions, exacerbated by this collective and spiritual way of life. From these exchanges, these reflections emerged concepts and psychological tools that I wish to share within the framework of this institute and develop research spaces in order to offer each other these precious pearls, these unique quintessences, fruits of our inner transformations, our awareness, sacred victories of our souls.


The main research and teaching theme of the institute is:

collective consciousness through he Mirroring of the Soul aiming to build learning communities, that is to say people who learn to learn together and let the intelligence of the group emerge, helped by a personality model: The Unitary Sphere of Identity

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