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Links to go further - Work with nature spirits

I just participated a few days ago in a wonderful experience in nature, organized by a facilitator trained in the "8 Shields mentoring" method. It is an approach that draws on the wisdom of the first nations to reconnect us with nature and its extraordinary educational power. A movie, the other connection talks about it beautifully.


It connected me to my journey on working with nature spirits and I want to share with you, people who have marked my journey. They are sources of inspiration in their commitment and their love for the earth and all the invisible luminous spirits who take care of it!


-The teaching of Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


-Natacha Kolesar founder of the Ideal Society,


-Pauchard Albert and his book, L'autre monde


-Yann Lipnick and his school Oviloroi,


-Don Miguel Ruiz with his book the 4 Toltec Agreements


-Carlos Castaneda and his experience with Master Yaqui, Don Juan presented in his books

-Dhyani Ywahoo and his book,  Voices of our Ancestors, Cherokee teachings from the wisdom fire


-Patrick Burenstainas and his book, L'alchimiste Raconte


-Bakthi and its training space with the feminine energy


Each of them brings precious riches and lessons!


May you find your happiness among them and rekindle in you the memories of a world where we were in harmony with all these invisible and benevolent beings!

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