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Tribute to inspiring teachers on the path of psychosomatics

I would like to pay tribute to exceptional beings,

Who knew how to touch my heart, my reason.

They had faith in one thing the power of words,

Precise and beautiful words, full of love, of light,

Who transform from above, blockages, matter.

They had the courage to brave the imposture,

To shout loudly perjury.

They risked their lives sometimes even lost it,

And yet they wouldn't hesitate to give it again,

These are pure souls who once chose,

To come down here in this golden hell;

And like great heroes from another world,

To dare to change the thread of thoughts which in number,

Prevents us from being us, from giving everything:

Our light, our joy, our life, our love!


This poem is for this group of remarkable men who allowed me to believe in the power of words that heal the soul, the heart and the body. They had the courage to open up another path, another perspective on the disease, and to build bridges between thoughts, feelings and physical reality.


When I discovered this world, at the end of my osteopathic studies, I felt that what I had put my faith in, the reality of the link between the psychic and physical worlds became tangible and concrete thanks to them. This awareness of changing my therapeutic practice dramatically and gradually projected me into the world of psychology and coaching, an environment in which I really feel at home.


To all these courageous pillars of universal medicine, I want to say thank you, in particular to Dr Claude Sabbah, Jean Philippe Brébion and Gérard Athias who make the strings of my soul vibrate the most.


Dr. Claude Sabbah is the founder of the Total Biology of Living Beings (BTEV) and could be considered as a main reference in scientific research on the power of therapeutic speech which can be called the Word.


Jean Philippe Brébion is the founder of Bio-Analogy which brings to this colossal research, a dimension of creativity in the search for meaning, which opens up precious perspectives in the dimension of therapeutic intervention.


Gérard Athias is a researcher, poet, magician who travels in all worlds with unusual ease. It integrates the healing arts to give us access to this eternal web, inspiration!


I would also like to thank Bertrand Lemieux, Edouard Van Den Bogart, and Dr. Hamer, who are among these knights of light who have been on the path of my learning.


To all these exceptional beings, humbly receive all my gratitude.



Hommage, relié à l'atelier 3 sur la psychosomatique: Service
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