The Training in Collective Consciousness

Since the beginning of the Institute, my goal has been to offer a training to become a practitioner in collective conscience, which means not only group management (leadership) but also coaching for existing organizations and individuals (organizational and personal coaching) and even therapeutic care work (universal medicine).


Hence the courses on universal medicine, leadership, typologies, relationships and symbolism.


I firmly believe that the Collective Consciousness is an exceptional tool for responding to the world's problems. This does not take away the value of any other method, but it is the perspective that suits me best, the one that creates in me a sense of vastness, inclusion and universality.


Is this really new, this Collective Consciousness? If we understand that this is another term to talk about divine love, the light of the soul, Christic, Buddhist energy, etc ... finally it is rather an old affair ! But isn't it important to give it a new color, new clothes to allow this eternal energy to manifest in a world that is evolving and changing so quickly? This is what I believe.


From Winter 2021 session on, this training will be offered: a 9-month process to become a practitioner in Collective Consciousness (first year) and including the 5 courses as well as one or two major face-to-face meetings in Europe and / or in Canada.


This class will be for 8 to 10 people. It will also include personal work and support. I see it as professional training, accessible to students who have already taken at least one course in the Institute.


This first year can be continued by two more years. The second year developing therapeutic intervention work and the third year becoming a trainer and a researcher in the Institute.

It always seems that knowledge is what we learn in a school, when in reality, it is more of an environment in which invisible but very real learning takes place. This is all the more true insofar as the focus of the learning is within and relates to consciousness. Time is therefore essential and knowledge secondary to the human atmosphere.


This is what I experienced at Ideal Society having been there for 24 years and having spent 10 years full time and deeply involved in the project. Do we need to experience this today? I believe that everything is changing and time is accelerating. We may be asked to live it more individually while at the same time remaining more connected to each other on another level: it is community of consciousness.


Each and every one of us will one day or another have to choose our path of learning. The Institute offers one that is neither better nor worse than the others. It will suit some and that’s what matters. The times we are living in ask us to choose our path, the one that makes our hearts vibrate. We of course belong to this great planetary family in which we want to contribute, but it becomes important that we now find the more particular soul family with which we are going to be able to walk joyfully on the path of divine love!


The path is the form; one of the possible paths is the Institute. The Way which encompasses all paths is divine love, Christ, it is brotherhood between humans and we all walk in there.


This in no way prevents us from benefiting from the educational support of the Institute, even if it does not quite represent our personal path. However, it will become more and more important to find your own.


This path connects us to our personal religion, to our spiritual connection. It is therefore of extreme importance to play our role in this present time of profound transformation.


If you don't feel your path yet, that's okay. You are in a phase of exploration and discovery. Let us encourage ourselves, taking all the time we need, to find the one that is best for us, because the more we are in our path, the more we are useful to others, to all!


In the joy of being together in this great planetary project of peace in which our souls have chosen to participate!

With joy and serenity,


Practical details:

Start of the first group: January 18, 2021

For a group of 8 to 10 people

9-month course, consisting of a 2-hour course over 9 weeks, every three months. Which represents in all, 27 weeks of courses.

For more information on this training, you can reach us by email:


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