The Training in Collective Consciousness

Perspective of the IRESOI Institute's Collective Awareness training over 9 months


To become a leader in one's field and bring elements of inspiration and change to human consciousness, it is necessary to first make a personal journey in order to regain access to one's own essential nature, one's light-essence, one's soul. It is also necessary to understand the challenge of incarnation in duality, what I call incarnated light. All this represents the philosophical dimension.


Then, it is essential to learn to discover one's vehicle of incarnation, its tendencies, its impulses, its temptations, its strengths, its sacred value. This discovery leads us to better understand also the reality of others and to develop with them more and more harmonious and constructive relationships. This is the psychological dimension.


Then, with this basis, we are ready to work with tenderness, benevolence and love on the wounds, memories, and sufferings of this vehicle, which is not only ours but was offered to us and is linked to a whole line of human beings before us and to their experiences. This is the therapeutic dimension.


Finally, in parallel with these three dimensions, we must open ourselves to our realization, our mission on earth, to this personal project that is within us and that we must be aware of in order to feel fully useful and happy. Different practices help us to let it emerge, such as therapeutic writing for example. This is the dimension of practice, of self-realization, of fulfillment.



A few words about the format:


The format of this training will be one zoom meeting per week of 2 hours in small groups of 3 or 4 people and one zoom meeting per month with all the groups.


The small group is very important to feel comfortable and secure in order to go through the process of self exploration, healing and development with confidence. These small groups will be non mixed. I feel that this will promote relaxation, which is the purpose of this space.


This small group will be the same for the 9 months but we will have the joy of meeting the participants of the other groups each month. After some time we will also be able to create other small interest groups to go further on particular topics. As the months go by, we will also be able to reduce the number of small group meetings in order to favour large group meetings or interest groups.  


I have a dream that we will all be able to meet in the middle or at the end of the training, for a large face-to-face meeting for a week somewhere on our beautiful planet! (For those who can, of course).



IRESOI Institute training program more detailed 


1-the philosophical dimension; Connection

the spirit, the soul and the vehicle of incarnation

light essence and light embodied in duality

the value of oral group teaching, an initiatory model

the power of shimmering in a group dynamic

recognition of one's own light

the power of intention and therapeutic writing


2-the psychological dimension; Learning

the triple dimension of the human being and archetypes

personality structures with the SUI model (Unitary Sphere of Identity)

the astrological dimension related to the personality model

the process of development of the being: baby, child, teenager, adult, old person

the parental dynamics with the parental mosaic

male and female polarities and the male-female dynamic

the main principles of psychosomatics


3-the therapeutic dimension; Healing

the process of transmutation of states with the State Book

the structure of being in relation to life dramas and diseases

construction of the astro-psycho-biological coherence 

the process of individual and group therapeutic accompaniment


4-the dimension of our personal project; Realization

development of practices that enable personal connection

implementation of the process of emergence of the personal project:

-concept of commitment and belonging

-structure of being, sacred values and archetypes

-Therapeutic writing





Start of the first group: November 16, 2020

For a group of about ten people

9-month training, consisting of a 2-hour course every week.

The monthly contribution for the course is 160 Euros / $250 per month or 1500 Euros / $2000 for the 9 months. 

For more information on this teaching space, you can reach us by email:


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