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 Men - Women Dynamics

I want to talk to you today about the man - woman dynamic. This dynamic which is so essential in our human relationships and which helps us to understand the two male and female facets of our being.


The first thing that is important to do to address this issue is to separate the male and female archetypes from men and women in our understanding. When we speak of the masculine side, we speak of it as an archetype while the human being, man or woman carries within it a masculine and feminine side. On the other hand, due to its biological and energetic structure, the man is more connected to the male side while the woman is more connected to the female side. What is the proportion of this particular link? Of course, when it comes to conceiving and carrying a child, men and women are not interchangeable. But for the rest, it does not seem that important because in most human activities, they can be done by both men and women. The question here is therefore not so much on the notion of capacity as on the aspect of the development of being.


Clarification is still needed. When we speak of the energetic side, we must distinguish what is called the actual or etheric energetic plane which corresponds to the subtle and vital dimension of the physical body and the emotional or astral energetic plane which corresponds to the interior states which inhabit and which are the influence of the stars hence the name of the astral plane. When we speak of the aura of a living being, that is to say the different luminous layers which envelop its physical body; the one closest to the material body represents the vital or etheric body and the next, the emotional or astral body. The latter is very colorful and changes color regularly according to our interior conditions.


When I spoke above of the energy structure of man more connected to the male side, I was referring here to the vital, etheric body. When you think about a person’s emotional structure, you’ll notice that they’re independent of gender. A person's gender has nothing to do with their astrological chart, for example. However with male or female bodily reality, this astral or emotional dimension will manifest itself differently. It is this distinction between the physical body of man or woman that will create a phenomenon of influence on the emotional and mental structure of their subtle bodies. It therefore becomes important to understand these bodily differences, affecting the entire functioning of the body, and involving all systems such as the sensory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, nervous systems etc ...


The deepening of this distinction will allow us to better understand by consequences, the behaviors of men and women, the spaces in which they feel to the best of themselves, the conditions they need, and the roles which they are more natural. These distinctions are very important because they present a vision of complementarity on the socio-psychological level which reflects an obvious complementarity on the physical level.


The corporate past presented a devaluing and very limited vision of women. It is time to return to a balance so that each man and each woman regains its fundamental value. It is a deep feeling of equality of value between man and woman which is to be built and which requires the help of all those who feel ready to participate in this human-female relational healing for a new, happier humanity. !

Dynamique Homme - Femme, relié à l'atelier 2 sur les dynamiques relationnelles: Thérapies
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