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Mirroring of the Soul, Key to Collective Consciousness

Mirroring of the Soul, cover page 2.png

This book is a synthesis of the knowledge that is given in the Courses and the Training of IRESOI Institute. It addresses Mirroring, a tool and a practice, allowing the creation of a group synergy called Collective Consciousness.

This book offers you a journey through concepts, tools and stories, born from magical encounters with places and beings.

It is also a tribute to these authors of the spiritual tradition who have been and continue to be a source of inspiration in my life journey.

Tales of Crystal :tales, Messages & Poems (french)

book cover 6x9 - 2023 - final.jpg

It is the complete version of the tales that I have written since 2001 with a few messages and poems that can inspire and support you in the search for beauty, gratitude and excellence. (only available in french for now)

Tales of Crystal

Cover Tales Ebook.png

This storybook project has accompanied me since 2011, when I decided with a friend to make an illustrated storybook. It is a group of three tales for children, inspired by the Amerindian and African tradition. There are some major themes in the three stories; the creative imagination; the link with the invisible world and bees with apitherapy. It is also an invitation to develop creativity through writing and illustration.

Mirroring Manifesto - Jamal Maroon

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The Mirroring Manifesto is the first book by a student of the IRESOI Institute on the mirroring of the soul, the central tool in building group synergy. In this book, Jamal Maroon explores not only the essential elements of this relational practice but also takes us into a deep reflection on the foundations of our human existence and the paradigm shift that is taking place for humanity today.

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