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Group Dynamic & Collective Consciousness

Group Dynamics and Collective Consciousness are at the heart of the IRESOI Institute. It is a synthesis of the knowledge that is given in the Courses and the Training.

This book offers you a journey through concepts, tools and stories, born from magical encounters with places and beings.

It is also a tribute to these authors of the spiritual tradition who have been and continue to be a source of inspiration in my life journey.

tales of Crystal

This storybook project has accompanied me since 2011, when I decided with a friend to make an illustrated storybook. It is a group of three tales for children, inspired by the Amerindian and African tradition. There are some major themes in the three stories; the creative imagination; the link with the invisible world and bees with apitherapy. It is also an invitation to develop creativity through writing and illustration.

Collection of tales from Claudie Ousset (French)

This collection of tales is a life project. It is the fruit of many years of inspiration. It is a magnificent compilation for children, young and old who want to deposit in their hearts particles of stars!


It should be available for sale soon!


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