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The invisible world, nature spirits, angels, and spiritual connection

Since my childhood, I have been surrounded by people who have conscious access to a world, invisible to the eyes and yet very real, that of the spirits of nature and the angels, which is often presented to us through tales and legends or through the different traditions and cultures that speak of the spiritual world.


Despite my fascination with this fantastic and wonderful world and my intense desire to have experiences with it, nothing presented itself to me.


In my spiritual tradition we stress the importance of not forcing this access in spite of our interest but rather of letting things come to light naturally by focusing on the work of the qualities of the heart; love, gratitude, wonder, enthusiasm, selflessness, humility etc ... So I was taking my pain in patience!


When I was 25 years old, I started a great adventure, the Fairy Circle, with a small group of children, offering them to discover this subtle world without having any faculties of particular perception. It was an incredible experience, showing me many times that even if I had no extra sensory perceptions, I could interact with him and receive gifts.


I was still not entirely satisfied and I still hoped to have more perceptual experiences of this world. I was convinced that when I had these experiences then everything would really start and I was in awe of those who had this developed access.


The close collaboration with one of these people precisely for years gradually made me understand that I, too, had precious elements in the link with this invisible reality, even if it was not these perceptions.


Then one day, the miracle happened! My perceptions did not open (unfortunately for this desire in me !!!) but I realized that my inner connection was through another channel and that my model of communication with the invisible world although very real, is not not living in me as I imagined it. I discovered that I was in communication with this invisible world since always and that I had to develop my personal channel to go further.


What a discovery! It was a revelation that I have been waiting for forever! I realized at the same time that we are all in communication with this world but that for most of us, as it was for me, the channel that we use does not naturally give access to a perception experience extrasensory passing through sight or hearing.


So I wanted to create a space to allow all those like me who are deeply eager to feel this communication with the invisible world, to develop their personal channel of communication with it, what I call spiritual connection.


In my spiritual tradition, we emphasize the importance to develop a healthy and benevolent relationship with nature, that it is alive and that there are subtle laws that govern it. Isn't it essential to consider that something is alive to start listening to it and respecting it? It reminds me of the movie Avatar for amateurs!

Le monde invisible, relié à l'atelier 7 sur le travail avec les esprits de la nature, les anges, et : Service
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