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State transmutation process of the Book of States

This is the principle of the battery with the plus pole and the minus pole in a solution:


The pole plus is our soul, our being of light who has a project for the earth, to embody and protect a sacred value within a community of conscience.


The minus pole is the suffering part connected to our incarnation vehicle, to this sacred value in matter.


The solution is divine love in which one must bathe in consciousness. It is this transcendent force that must be called to allow circulation between these two poles because otherwise they will remain separate.


When the battery is in place, it becomes a source of energy !!!



The steps to follow:


1- Exit process from external reality to internal reality


2- Process for identifying the suffering state


3- Construction of the resource space according to its structure of being with the help of the partner (s):


a- Reflection structure: mentally build the meaning of this experience together, enter into the creation of a beautiful sense, inspiring, intelligent and engaging the suffering energies in the service of a luminous ideal. It’s divine psychosomatics!


b- Perception structure: build an external representation of this resource space with visualization, words, images, people, places, sounds, perfumes, body areas, our future perception of ourselves who speak of our sacred value connected to the plane of the soul.


c- Action Structure: build an expression with the body of this sacred value, of this divine source in itself through movement, body posture, free dance, walking, stretching, etc ... allow free expression, simple and natural of this light energy of support linked to the sacred value of which we are the guardians. It can also be in the creation of an object, a space, an act.


The partner (s) are active or passive witnesses to the representation of this value. They can represent this space, they can be the voice of this space which recalls the elements of this sacred value, they can represent a being in this space which touches the body and offers a bodily anchoring, they can be just in the presence near or far or accompany the movement of free expression. It is the work of this second phase to determine it in a manner that is deeply respectful of everyone. Integrity and relational authenticity are essential in this process.



4- When the framework of sacred value is constructed, gradually come into contact with the suffering part in itself and give it permission to express itself by the silent feeling, the words, by the sensations, by the expression


5- When the two elements have been brought together in consciousness, call upon a force greater than us, divine love, this transcendent force which is capable of bringing a soul into a body, this creative force which can open the worlds and that in the different traditions we call Christ, the Buddhist force, the universal soul, the cosmic ocean, the light of god, Vishnu and Lakshmi etc ...


6- Become a witness to the dialogue between the two parts of oneself, between the space of sacred value linked to the soul and to the project of incarnation with the suffering incarnation vehicle which needs to be heard. He has resources so the soul needs and they have to work together. This dialogue can be silent, spoken, played, danced, sung, expressed by an object, a drawing, a movement, a posture etc ...


7-after having lived the process, let act and observe what is happening or what has happened. Write down in your book of states the things that work the most and those that work less to build your preferential transmutation space gradually

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