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Humility and inner discernment: The Book of States or the work of transmutation of emotional states

The book of states is a psychological tool for state transformation.


A variety of similar processes exist such as the Ho’oponopono method or the 4 phases of non-violent communication, and can be very useful! The main thing is to find the one that suits us best and that manages to generate the best results!


The book of states is characterized by the recognition of our two natures, a higher, spiritual nature, individuality, the being of the stars that we are and the lower nature, the vehicle of incarnation, the personality, the animal before become human, full of love.


This process uses writing as an integration medium, hence the name, book of reports! It is built on a sequence that you may recognize ...!


Step 1: Reflection: introspection and discrimination of the interior state.

Step 2: Perception: creating a caring atmosphere and welcoming deep suffering.

Step 3: Action: courage to ask for internal help and observation of the concrete effects obtained.


Although I cannot go into the details of each step, you can already feel the principle of an internal process allowing to pass from an external situation which disturbs us to an internal state which we will be able to transform and which will prove to be carrying a precious gift, useful for our life.


It's all a question of attitude and interest in indoor work!


When the process has been completed and the state has transformed well, we can write on our personal state book, the experience that we had, as an anchoring in our capacity to transform our suffering states and as an experience to share with interior explorers who always benefit from an inspiring testimony in order to encourage one another!

Humilité et discernement intérieur! Relié à l’atelier 5-Le livre des états ou le travail de transmut: Service
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