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Write stories, instructions: Therapeutic Writing

How can we write stories that could act powerfully to help us in our inner transformation?

First of all, what is the difference between writing in general and writing a story? From my point of view, it's a matter of intention.


Writing in general does not necessarily have other intentions than the need to write, to inform, to share a real or imaginary experience, the will to create in the readers states of all kinds etc., whereas for a tale is something else. It is normally aimed at young and old children and aims to provide constructive and educational elements for the development of being. In my mind, a tale always ends well in the sense that it carries a message of wisdom, of encouragement to the virtues of the soul; a message which can be said or not said but which is always present with the intention of the author. It’s an act of conscious love for others to write in that attitude. It is a desire to support, enlighten, enrich others and as if by magic, by wanting to give to others we give ourselves to ourselves, isn't it wonderful!


This is why the most important advice I give is to write a story that touches us, that inspires us, that connects us to the love that lives in our hearts. If it touches our heart, there are in this story particles which belong to the universal language of love and which can join others.


Another piece of advice: don't worry about how others will get your story. You are the best person to assess the quality of your story. If when you read it (try it out loud for the experience, you will not be disappointed!), You feel that it touches you, that it vibrates the strings of your being then you have succeeded! You have just created a first mirror of yourself. Keep it safe and when you have the impression that everything is going badly, that you don't seem to be up to it, take your mirror and look at it! You can remember who you are!


Do you now understand the importance of art, included in this vision of creating imprints of our true being to remind us of who we really are, especially when circumstances play against us?


Thanks to this magic mirror, you will strengthen your real identity and as if by magic, it will start to grow in you and endlessly end up manifesting itself more and more outside of yourself. It’s the magic power of the creative imagination.


Imagine a world where these magic mirrors that remind us of who we are in our real beauty are the beings around us who know us. Do you not think that we will finally feel capable of fully facing the difficulties of life with confidence and gratitude in an atmosphere like this of brotherly love?


This world begins now if you decide, because already with your imagination you can start to conceive, to imagine these relationships, these exchanges, these benevolent looks which know, encourage, marvel at what you carry in your heart, in your soul.


Then let your story work inside us with confidence. This latency is like a gestation process where you no longer speak or think back to your story. When this management process is finished, circumstances arise of themselves where we are going to talk about history, where to think back. Don't be in a hurry! It is so important to respect the rhythm that history needs to reveal itself to you!

Écrire des contes, mode d’emploi! relié à l’atelier 4 sur l’écriture thérapeutique: Thérapies
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