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New Feminism

Extraordinary conversation about a hot topic! What was gained by the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century, despite all the profoundly destabilizing pains and sufferings leading to it, is individual consciousness. The price of individual consciousness is personal choice. Personal choice has a cost: gathering relevant information to make it. This reality forces education to the highest level in order to understand the implications of morality and social structure. Organized religion are not any more in charge of personal life decisions which obliges everyone to be properly equipped to make them, informed of the various outcomes as consequences of their choices. What a strenuous mental effort is required to all of us...! It would be so much easier to just rely on external authorities...! BUT this is the way forward, INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, so that we can freely engage in COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS...eventually without loosing our precious gained individual self! Isn't it the beautiful process of individuation?!

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