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June 22nd 2024, 150th Anniversary of Osteopathy!

Today is the 150th birthday of Osteopathy! A precious day to remind ourselves, osteopaths, of the invaluable legacy from which we come from.

In these times where traditions, heritages, lineages are constantly challenged by the modern, progressive, ever evolving way of looking at things, birthdays are still holding up but for how long?

As an osteopath, If you are lucky, you have been guided to discover and appreciate this remarquable lineage of men and women who have carried the flag of this medicine from beyond.

Maybe it is now the time for you to do the same and join the ranks of those who are preserving the sacred values of Health:

One must look at the other as his fellow brother or sister, engaged as well in the long and beautiful journey of becoming fully who we are and one must stay connected to that sacred vision.

Diseases and pains don’t define one and other, they indicate the need for improving the actual inner balance, that is to say, receive a new level of understanding about one’ health.

As we are all on the path of being healthier, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, let’s create environments that support this collective journey and honor the facets of health’ wisdom that everyone carries and shares.

There are so many ways to bring this expansion of consciousness about health; through inspiring explanations, silent welcoming spaces, gentle touches, elaborate manipulations, etc. But beyond what is chosen, at the heart of the action, is this intent of love. That is why it is said that Love Heals! And it is so true!

Healing is about educating one’s consciousness about one’s needs to be balanced that is to say healthy at all levels. This knowing is revealed gradually along the way. May all of us, engaged in discovering more and more the power of that love that heals, receive clarity and guidance to form collectively healing environments, that is to say educational environments creating a world of peaceful relationships and radiant beings!

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