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Faith, a utilitarian need for society or an answer to fundamental questioning?

In this debate, the question of faith individually and fundamentally and also the need of religion for society are brought forward.

How difficult it is to realize the subjective dimension of human experience and access to Truth! What we call an objective truth is not what we think it is. The quantum physicists explained long ago already that the observer influences the experience. That is to say consciousness is an actual force of nature! How incredible is this!

How can we pretend to address fundamental questions around the creation of the universe or the reality of the supernatural if we have not understood and experienced the power of consciousness, individually and collectively?

Unfortunately the idea is quickly said and understood but the conditions necessary for cousciousness to be seen as a powerful active force influencing matter and human life is another thing. It takes decades of patient and tenacious efforts on oneself to gradually start seeing and discovering this hidden world of thoughts and feelings forming our reality.

Especially in a western world anchored nowadays on materialism, the efforts are even more demanding. Who will have the courage to engage in this demanding and so rewarding journey?

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