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End of times an Ancient Script?

Thank you Gregg Braden for your continuous efforts to promote Love and Wisdom and doing all you can to respect all sensitivities, creating a communication language profoundly benevolent, coming from the heart, inspiring others to do the same!

About the end of time and the ancient script, my view is that the script corresponds to the process of awakening consciousness. That is why it can be predicted. After childhood comes adolescence and then adulthood. Knowing the natural process of growth allows to predict it at its different levels of manifestation. This process happens in the same way for individuals and groups, societies and civilisations. The only difficult part is to identify the exact time and how exactly those passages will be experienced.

The concept of "rapture" or ascension is a great way to explain why some humans will experience the rising of a new consciousness as grace. That's because it is something they desired for a long time. They accepted the suffering of sustaining faith that it will happen, perseverance in the efforts to walk the path of achieving it and patience for it to come not knowing when.

For humans that didn't have the "chance" to desire this awakening and feel the pain of efforts without immediate reward, they will experience this new consciousness as disrupting their reality and materialistic dreams, basically as destroying their world, how would it not be so?! Suffering is the universal language for expansion of consciousness in a dualistic world.

The only option for those who see it as a tremendous long expected gift is to create better and better conditions to inspire those humans in fear of that change. To make them feel that a new look at things is not only possible but beneficial to themselves and to the world around them. Since it is not possible to force anyone to expand consciousness, this process is an individual and free process; It is an invitation to been prepared to inspire and support all those subconsciously willing to expand with some help as everyone is. Do we know of some that didn't need help to expand?

The universal language of inspiration is love! What can we do to develop that inspiration power and facilitate this transition for the many? My experience showed me that love has to do with relationships. Relationships with nature, that is to say all kingdoms but most importantly with humans. To love humans and specially those very different from us requires knowledge, wisdom and practice.

My hope is that more and more engaged beings will commit themselves in studying relationships, will develop wisdom through practice and will build human environments where this relational wisdom is experienced and generously shared for those willing to learn it.

This is the intent of our modest IRESOI Institute and the intent of your community and many others around the world!


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