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4th of July honoring pioneers of America!

Have you ever seen this incredible movie of Franck Capra?! I love it. I can feel the wonderful passion of american people ready to engage themselves and change things based on the sacred value of love.

What it is to be a pioneer? To feel that something is missing, something has to be done and no one else is gonna do it except us. We are all pioneers in our own way!

what is so special is that something so challenging at a time becomes normal after and it is hard to imagine the efforts that it took to make it happen. Rare are those who remember the cost and sacrifice for the christian message to be spread! More recently, rare are those who remember the cost and sacrifice for osteopathy to be spread! Today is our time to do what has to be done and to make the efforts gladly as the generations before us have done and the generations after us will do.

May we be pioneers of a new humanity!

Here is the full movie!

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