The institute offers 6 online courses of 12 hours each in French and English. Each course is made up of 6 modules of 2 hours, with one module per week. These courses are for groups of 2 to 4 participants. They offer the opportunity to become familiar with the concepts and tools of the IRESOI Institute in a joyful atmosphere of learning group dynamics. You will find at the bottom of the page a more detailed description of each course:


Monday: Universal medicine: philosophy, science and therapeutic art

Tuesday: Group dynamics and collective consciousness

Wednesday: Initiatic astrology: psychology of subtle energies

Thursday: Relational Dynamics, Sacred Masculine, non-mixed course for men

Friday: Relational Dynamics, Sacred Feminine, non-mixed class for women

Saturday: The symbolism, the kabbalah, the tarot

Register for the fall session which will begin the week of September 21, 2020. The easiest way, join us on:

These modules will be given on Zoom and the precise schedule will be chosen according to each group. The courses will be recorded and can be accessed by the course participants in audio or video.

To register for the next courses or obtain more information, contact the institute by e-mail:

the financial contribution for each course is $ 300 or 210 Euros.

PS: For the record, these classes started on Monday June 22 in honor of the date of the creation of osteopathy, June 22, 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still


More detailed presentation of the courses:


These 6 courses are facets of training, the central concept of which remains group dynamics and collective consciousness. This consciousness, to be fully experienced, must pass through a triple experience, mental, emotional and physical. We all have a preferential channel that suits us more, that is the meaning of these different courses, different gateways that resonate with us to discover and experience this human dynamic.

the course in universal medicine represents the application of knowledge about oneself and experiences of connection to oneself and to one another in therapeutic action. How to act on the material to facilitate the life which is in it, this health, this harmony which does not require to be manifested more? This course represents the opportunity to redefine our understanding of the philosophy of healing, the role of the therapist and the collaborative model to be created together to develop a truly holistic approach to health.


the course on group dynamics is a form of synthesis of knowledge, experiences and the application of these concepts in the different groups in which we are called to participate. What place do we take in these groups and is it the one that really suits us? The purpose of this course is to familiarize us with the concept of sacred value, the space of excellence that we carry and that we already offer in abundance but of which we are not aware. The group dynamic understood in this perspective becomes a particularly favorable context for discovering this value and sharing it. Are we not deeply social beings?

The course on initiatic astrology introduces us to the energetic, astral understanding of our structure of being, of the vehicle that our soul has chosen to manifest itself in this life, to learn and to contribute to the society in which it is part.


The Relational Dynamics, Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine course focuses on how human relationships build and define our identity and how we can embrace this reality with awareness and love so that it serves a higher purpose. Non-co-education is a good way to go deeper into sensitive and delicate spaces that require comfort and security.

The course on symbolism, kabbalah and tarot presents the deep and philosophical, archetypal, fundamental side of human beings and of the laws that build their structure and their incarnation in matter.


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