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Mirroring Classes

The Mirroring of the Soul is a model of functioning in small groups, where one learns to develop an attitude of openness and listening to the light of the other. It is a relational yoga that underlines our most beautiful dimension through heart-to-heart communication. It is a deeply moving experience that allows us to feel acknowledged, supported and loved in our true selves and builds love and trust in our relationships. It is a space for experimenting with the extraordinary potential of human synergy. 

Mirroring Classes Facilitators (in French)

Facilitator and researcher in collective consciousness, engaged in the IRESOI Institute for several years, I facilitate mirroring classes, mirroring course processes and the first training cycle.

After many years of research and experimentation around talking circles, group dynamics and initiatic processes, I now offer my expertise within the Institute.

Driven by solar energy, I accompany the students with care, truth and authenticity.

I have at heart to share my intuitive guidance and to create experiential spaces to make the energy of Love grow in everyone and to develop consciousness.

My commitment as a facilitator and trainer with the IRESOI Institute represents the highlighting and culmination of twenty years of journey in personal development and spirituality, as well as in the fields of agronomy, education and teaching. 

Over the past few years, thanks to the Institute, facilitation has proven to be a valuable space for me. 

A gentle mother and educator at heart, I bring my support, my pedagogy and my guidance to contribute to the individual and collective development of the students. I am committed to creating harmonious and luminous atmospheres where everyone feels listened to, loved and seen in their unique beauty, and where heaven and earth come together. 

I am delighted to pass on the keys to conscience and true love, essential to the construction of radiant and lasting collective projects.

What is it about?

These Mirroring classes are an opportunity to discover this relational practice at the heart of the IRESOI Institute.

They take place on Friday at 1:00pm EST (East Standard Time) in French on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m EST (East Standard Time) in English and last 2 hours. The English Classes are not every week with other facilitators.

You will discover the principles of Mirroring with the facilitator who will accompany you in this experience in small groups of 3. After this practice, we all meet together to share our experience. The classes welcome between 4 and 6 participants with, depending on their number, facilitators. 

How to participate?

Submit a request through the contact web page to know when the English classes are taking place. 

You will details and receive a zoom link to join the virtual space.

What about the contribution?

The first discovery participation is free. Thereafter, the proposed contribution is 30 euros or 45 Canadian dollars per class.

Looking forward meeting you!  

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